January Free and Nearly Free Event Calendar

I hope your new year is off to a great start. If you are looking for things to do, here is a list of Metro Detroit events which will keep your wallet happy by costing nothing (or next to…). 

1. Friday Night Live-Price: Free-$5.00

I know, I mentioned this last time, but it is an option every week. Check out a great live show in the Detroit Institute of Art‘s Rivera Court. Entrance is free for residents of Macomb, Oakland and Wayne Counties–$5.00 for everyone else. The schedule is listed at the website.

Be sure to check out the DIA’s great exhibits, too. The admission price is the same as above, except for special showings. 

2. Plymouth Ice Festival(weather permitting)January 18-19-Price: Free

I never miss this. Even being a Michigan native, I am no fan of the cold, but what better way to make the best of it than with ice sculptures? Apparently, many are in agreement. The festival is the oldest and largest free event of its kind in the United States. 500,000 people reportedly come in to see and compete in the festival annually.

Adorable Downtown Plymouth is lined with impressive ice sculptures and food stalls as music plays; hopefully a light dusting of snow accompanies, but no guarantees. While it is a family-friendly event, anyone will find it enjoyable. I used to go in groups in college, and will still go with friends.  

3. Cross-country Skiing(weather permitting) Daytime-Price: Free, as long as you have the equipment

I saw the most amazing tableau the other day; two women getting ready to cross a major road on cross-country skis. Then I remembered, you can cross-country ski on the West Bloomfield Nature Trail. Of course, you can also walk around in the miles of beautiful nature reserve. 

4. Windsor Community Museum – ‘Living in 1812: Life on the Sandwich Frontier’(Until January 13) Price: Free

2012 was Southwestern Ontario’s bicentennial. The celebration continues into the middle of January. But, hurry; you have just 6 more days.

These are just a few of the free (and nearly free) events in the metro area. Go ahead and step out for some fun without stressing your budget. 


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