A Night at the Museum

IMG_8363One of the most notable art museums in the country–whose collections are of the top 6–is right here in Detroit. The Detroit Institute of Arts(DIA) is a Motor City gem.

Detroit brings music to mind. Our treasured art museum is no exception. Every Friday night, the DIA hosts “Friday Night Live!” It is an event with live musicians from the world over, in magnificent Rivera Court.

It is Friday, and I am headed downtown to see The Golden Palominos, featuring Lianne Smith and Lori Carson.  The latter has been a favorite musician of mine for years and I cannot wait to get to this concert; nor can I believe the New York City-based band will be here.

The event, to my surprise, is free with museum admission. Tri-county residents (Macomb, Oakland, Wayne) may enter without a fee. The charge is $5.00 for those from out of the area.

To my further delight, parking, after 5:00 PM, is $3.00. If I had come a couple of hours earlier to check out the museum it would be $5. Yes, my fantastic evening will be a total of $3.00.

I run in and the court is packed. The band sounds incredible. It is a small and intimate setting, perfect for a great concert. I am so glad to realize this is a weekly event. Next month, there will be a puppet slam. You can bet your Cookie Monster that I will not miss that.


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