The picture in the header of my site is stock art. (Oh, the woes of a free blog). Nevertheless, I used to live Japan, where I would pass by trees like that whenever they were in season. I was also able to see incredible cities and famous world heritage sites.

However, I did not live in Kyoto, Osaka, Fukuoka, or any other large city for the majority of my time there. I was primarily in small, isolated towns.

Unable to go very far at times, I started “playing tourist” in my own area. I looked at travel guides, found local points of interest, then sought out those places. I went to nearby festivals which were often small, but lively. Adventure was to be found, even when an outing to a megalopolis could not be arranged.

While in the Japanese countryside, I looked back on my lifetime in the suburbs of Detroit. I remembered complaining about the lack of activity, despite having not utilized the resources enough. I went to theatre, concerts, museums and festivals on occasion, but always had that “there’s nothing to do” feeling which contrasted reality.

Now I am back in Michigan and a student again. I do not want to fall into the same trap as before. I was wrong; there is a wealth of happenings in my area. I want to have a better look at some of them. So, sit back, relax and enjoy as I play tourist in my own hometown.


About cjn56

World traveler, guitarista/ukulele-enthusiast, composer, wearer of many hats–both figuratively and literally.
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